Tata Punch or Hyundai Exter: which sub-Rs 10 lakh SUV is better?

Tata Punch vs Hyundai Exter

I’m looking to buy my first car and have a budget of around Rs 10 lakh. I would prefer an automatic SUV, and need it to be spacious and safe. My daily usage is between 5-10km, so I’m torn between buying a new car or a used one

Azhar Hossain, Hyderabad

Autocar India says: We suggest that you go in for the Hyundai Exter, which comes with six airbags, has a good AMT gearbox and is quite spacious too. It also offers good visibility, which is important for first-time car buyers who still have to develop their judgement whilst driving. Alternately, you can consider the Tata Punch which has the bragging rights of a 5-star GNCAP rating, has mature driving manner and is decently equipped as well. Since you are buying your first car, we suggest you go in for a new one for the pride of ownership it will give you.

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