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Riding on a race track can be an exhilarating experience. The adrenaline rush, the speed, and the precise control required all contribute to a thrilling and immersive experience. It’s a blend of skill, focus and pure enjoyment that leaves a lasting impression. Taking initiative to connect with its consumers, TVS Racing started a platform hoping to bring together racing aficionados through a unique experience.

ARE (Apache Racing Experience) GP Cup Season 1 began back in July 2023 and is an extension of the TVS Apache Racing Experience (ARE), which started in 2007. The first season of the ARE GP Championship aims to engage over 1,000 customers across 20 cities. 48 of the fastest riders were selected by TVS who then handed them an opportunity to participate and learn the nuances of track racing across three categories. I was invited to participate in one of these categories curated for the media.

Our RR 310 OMC race bike has many upgrades but TVS declined to reveal performance specifications.

The last time I came to MMRT for a track day was nearly five years ago. This track was special to me as it was the first track I ever raced on, and coming back to it was a breath of nostalgia. TVS was nice enough to invite the previous participants of their Young Media Racer program and allow them to bring out their inner racers once again. Our track-ready Apache RR 310 featured a brand new fairing along with revised ergonomics, a booming free-flow exhaust, stickier TVS Eurogrip tyres, and updates to the ECU and its internals.

Safety checks were conducted on our motorcycles after every session to maintain an optimum standard.

Safety was of the utmost concern and helmets manufactured before 2020 were rejected. Participants that didn’t have a helmet that met the safety standards were lent a fresh carbon-fibre KYT helmet to use for their races. Once we were all geared up we hit the track and practised our lines. The hardest part about it all was putting up with the harsh weather, which saw ambient temperatures rise as high as 41 degrees. Staying hydrated was quite important and TVS made sure there was enough H2O and electrolytes available at all times.

A good stretch a day keeps the cramps at bay.

At first, we were given three practice laps to warm up and get acquainted with our motorcycles. I used the practice session to perfect my lines and made sure not to push myself beyond my comfort zone. After we came back into the pits, our weights were measured with full gear on to better set up our motorcycles along with sag measurement. It was time for our race and based on our qualification timings we were given our race start positions. My race was quite exhilarating and I felt like I was in a video game chasing down my fellow racers who showcased greater skill; it let me know just how much more I needed to grow. What surprised me is I’d managed to cut down a whole nine seconds from when I began, which was huge progress for me.

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The sun glaring in my face made it a little tricky to keep an eye on my racing line

This was a wonderful experience and a great initiative by TVS to allow their customers to experience the focus and discipline required to race. All TVS Apache customers are invited to participate next season by applying at TVS Racing’s website and paying a registration fee of Rs 1,500. You will then be provided a contact number that you can reach out to for further details and instructions. The winners for this year’s championship get to visit the TVS factory, a chance to participate in the TVS OMC (One Make Championship) via a wild card entry, and an all expense paid trip to Malaysia to watch the Sepang MotoGP. Kudos to TVS as always for not only allowing the media to race in a controlled and safe environment to truly push our limits but also extending the opportunity to its customers.

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