Buy new Swift or upgrade to Baleno or Glanza?

Maruti Swift vs Baleno

Between the Maruti Swift ZXi+, Maruti Baleno Alpha and Toyota Glanza V MT, which is the best car? I test-drove the new Swift and really liked it. But for a similar price, the Baleno and Glanza have more features and feel more premium. Also, Nexa and Toyota are offering some discounts, whereas Maruti dealers aren’t willing to budge on the Swift’s price.

Rehaan S, Bengaluru

Autocar India says: Owing to its sharper steering, the Maruti Swift is the nicest car to drive among these: its three-cylinder engine is a touch better in terms of drivability than the Baleno and Glanza’s four-cylinder petrol unit. That said, the Baleno and Glanza aren’t too far behind in terms of their driving experience. As you rightly mentioned, they have a lot more to offer in terms of features, starting with wider 195/55 R16 tyres (versus Swift’s 185/65 R15), tinted windows, a 360-degree camera, and an auto-dimming inside mirror, to name a few.

Though all three sport a similar cabin design, the Glanza’s beige and black interior feels premium, and the Baleno’s blue-black interior is certainly more vibrant than the Swift’s all-black one, which could appear a bit drab. Moreover, the Glanza comes with a standard warranty of three years as compared to two years for the Maruti cars. Hence, between the three, we'd pick Toyota Glanza V MT.

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