TVS Jupiter 125 or Ather Rizta: Which family scooter to buy?


My current petrol scooter is now seven years old and I am looking for a replacement. My daily running is not more than 30km and I have the option of charging an EV at home. I want a simple, practical scooter and I was going to buy the TVS Jupiter 125 for its comfort and large boot, but with Ather's new Rizta available Rs 1.10 lakh, I’m wondering if it's worth spending more for the Ather.

Rajesh Shukhla, via email

Autocar India says: When you compare the prices at an ex-showroom level, the Jupiter is much cheaper, but the on-road prices are much closer in certain states thanks to subsidies and reduced road tax charges. In fact, certain higher-spec models of the Jupiter may even cost more on-road than the base Rizta in certain states.

Given your relatively low running, the base Rizta with its 2.9kWh battery will be more than enough. Ather has proven its technology and reliability over the years, and since much of the Rizta platform is shared with the 450, there should be no serious concerns about this being an unproven product. We expect to be riding the Rizta in May, so keep an eye out for our review.

While we haven’t yet ridden the Rizta, it seems like an easy scooter to recommend going by our experience with the 450. This will not be as quick as the 450, but it will be comfort-focused. The only potential downside here is that you are looking at a bit of a wait as deliveries are only slated to begin in July, and it remains to be seen how well Ather will be able to address the demand.

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