Maruti Fronx or Toyota Taisor: which one to buy?

Maruti Fronx vs Toyota Taisor

Between the Maruti Fronx and Toyota Taisor turbo-automatic top variants, which is the one to go for? I'm more inclined towards the Toyota as I believe it has better quality interiors and a longer warranty, but I like the looks of the Fronx better. Please advise.

Avinash Singh, Mumbai

Autocar India says: The Toyota Taisor is a badge-engineered Maruti Fronx, hence beneath the cosmetic changes, it is the same car. Both cars share their powertrains, interiors, features and most other components, and as a result, their performance, quality and other attributes are identical. The Fronx has been on sale since April 2023, but, as the Taisor has just hit the market, it makes the Toyota fresher and a relatively less common sight on our roads. So if exclusivity is what you're after, the Taisor is for you.

Toyota offers a longer, 3-year standard warranty as against the Maruti's 2 year, however, a point to note is that both offer extended warranty up to five years. Between the two, choose the one you think looks better and in addition, consider factors such as your personal brand preference, proximity of sales and support outlets, delivery time and also discounts (if any) to help you pick between the two.

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