Rolls Royce Spectre: A close look

Electrically operated suicide doors are amongst the largest in the business.

Rolls-Royce has always named its cars after Ghosts, Spirits and Phantoms, and this is true with the Spectre as well. This two-door coupe, however, stands out in another way. Under the long bonnet is no scrumptiously specified and oily smooth V12, this is the company’s first all-electric model. Question is, does it look, feel and give the impression of being a middle of the road Rolls-Royce hyper luxury car?  

It certainly looks the part, and that’s despite the profile being lower slung and sportier than what we’ve come to expect from the company recently. This is of course done in the pursuit of cleaner and slipperier aerodynamics. Not sure how well a block-like Phantom EV or Cullinan EV would function. Still, Rolls has dragged the coefficient of drag down to 0.25, and that’s impressive. 

There’s no escaping the hand-built perfection.

Look closely at the nose and you can sort of see how. That big parthenon grille doesn’t stand as proud, the shape has been smoothened and lowered, and even the ‘cliff’ or the block-like nose is nicely rounded and sculpted to manage air flow. Around the side, the Spectre gets 23-inch wheels, with sections that look like the wings of the ‘flying lady’ mascot, and between the wheels sits a 102kWh battery that delivers a 530km WLTP range, which should equate to 400 or 450 km of range in the real world. What also is a bit of an eye opener is that Rolls actually started work on an electric back in 2011.

Rear seats aren’t massive, but are lounge-like.

‘Under the hood’, the Spectre gets 584hp, 900Nm of torque and a 0-100kph acceleration time of 4.5 seconds. This is plenty of performance for what should be a ‘sporty’ Rolls and you can only imagine how beautifully the torque will ‘waft’ it along in a rapid but not vulgar manner; ahem. Further back on the car, the sporty rake of the windscreen and the steeply raked fastback roof give it a distinctly sporty profile, and what I especially love are the tail-lights. Neat, clean, super sophisticated, they really stand out as something new, even serving to break up the mass of the haunches.

The starry sky effect surrounds you ; it’s on the doors too.

Also super impressive here, the manner in which you get a thick pile lambswool carpet in the boot as well as in the cabin, with the place where you put your feet done in what looks like real leather. Open the huge doors and step in – these are some of the largest doors in production – and the Spectre feels like a traditional Rolls-Royce; the high quality wood, chrome and lacquer cabin impressing with its weighty build and blend of modern electronic features. Also, on the Spectre, the starry sky headliner that’s made by hand-stitching micro-LED into a black cloth roof, can even be seen on the door pads and dash.

Traditional build quality meets high-tech features.

Also easy is access to the rear seats, via the massive massive doors, and though they are narrow, once you are seated you feel like you are lounging in your favourite armchair. The Spectre’s best party trick? Electric doors; those heavy and long doors open and close at the touch of a button. And I have to say, I just love how the full size, chrome-topped umbrellas click home into the fender when you open the door. 

Low-slung ethos is in line with EV requirement.

Now, Rs 7.5 crore is what you pay for the car, but that’s only for the car with no customisations and no special features and trim. What’s a Rolls-Royce without any custom bits anyway. One thing you have to get is the starry sky headliner. And then, of course, you’ll want the effect on the doors and the dash. And how about your favourite colour for the leather and that illuminated grille, which could look kinda spooky with the car gliding forward silently. And on and on it is likely to go. One thing’s for sure, take a picture when you see one; not many are likely going to be around.

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