Kia Seltos or Mahindra Thar: which is the better diesel automatic SUV?

Seltos vs Thar

I am looking for a new car for my daily use. I just sold my 2021 Mahindra Thar diesel manual and I want to buy the Thar diesel AT. I am also considering the Kia Seltos diesel AT, and I already have an Innova Crysta diesel AT and a Nissan Micra CVT. Is the Thar diesel AT a good choice or should I go with the Seltos?

John Mathew, Thrissur

Autocar India says: The Thar and Seltos are very different products. Let’s be clear, the Thar – even with an automatic transmission – is not a great everyday car. The ride is bumpy and being a three-door, it lacks the comfort and practicality of the Seltos diesel that’s well-equipped and more refined. The Thar is all about emotion and lifestyle, and there is something special about its strong engine and go-anywhere capability that makes it very desirable. So your choice really depends on what you want from your new car and what your usage is going to be.

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