Toyota spends over three hours inspecting each Century SUV before delivery

Toyota Century SUV inspection

Toyota recently added the all-new Century SUV to its flagship range. The Century SUV, just like the sedan, sits right at the top of the brand's range and is built by a special team. The Century SUV is currently the most expensive model in Toyota’s SUV line-up globally and costs roughly three times more than the Land Cruiser 300.

  1. Century SUV gets special inspection standards
  2. Toyota targets to deliver 30 units a month
  3. Century SUV will be sold in Japan first, followed by China

Toyota Century SUV: quality checks, inspection process

Unlike the usual assembly line inspections for mass market cars and SUVs, a single 'master inspector' is said to meticulously conduct all final checks on each Century SUV. In a recent feature by the Toyota Times Magazine, it was revealed that the SUV undergoes these multiple quality checks – beyond what is usually performed – at the Tahara Plant in Japan.

Every 'master inspector' is said to undergo rigorous training and certifications, after which a special 17-step process is followed to carry inspections on the Century SUV. Toyoita claims that since the Century SUV is not a serious on-demand production model and does not need to have quick rollout times, this extra time can be utilised to ensure that the model meets the highest standards of quality. 

Toyota Century SUV interior inspection

Toyota says, from perfect paintwork to a flawless engine bay, each detail is thoroughly analysed and corrected. Master inspector Moriaki Higa, from Lexus inspections, confirms the Century SUV's standards surpass even Lexus models. After the unique checks are performed, the Century SUV is autonomously moved to the mechanical bay where, using its hybrid setup, it self-drives through simulated city conditions. All the final adjustments are made to the vehicle once the simulated journey comes to an end. This entire process takes three and a half hours, allowing Toyota to simulate projections of 30 units a month for the luxurious Century SUV.

Toyota Century SUV is packed with creature comforts

The Toyota Century SUV is wider and has a taller stance but has a shorter length in comparison to the Century sedan. It packs in loads of features on the inside which includes, fold-flat seats, rotating picnic tables, dual 11.6-inch TVs, touchscreen controls, and a refrigerator. The dashboard boasts dual 12.3-inch displays, one for the instrument cluster and the other as the infotainment system. There are loads of luxury features and added creature comforts with most units being individually specced.

Toyota Century SUV

Under the hood is a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine and plug-in hybrid system delivering 406hp, which is combined with a four-wheel steering system for easy handling. The ultra-luxury SUV also offers an electric range of up to 69km.

The Century SUV is currently on sale in Japan only, and Toyota will start selling the left-hand drive version in China via its Lexus sales channel in the near future.

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