Buy a Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 or wait for the Shotgun 650

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Should I buy the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 or wait for the Shotgun 650?

Abhishek, via email

Autocar India says: While both motorcycles are built on the same platform, they do have some key differences. The engine and main frame are shared, but since the Shotgun has different wheel sizes, the suspension setup has been tweaked. Another major area of difference is ergonomics, with the Shotgun sporting a more upright seating position, while the Super Meteor has a cruiser-typical feet forward riding position.

Despite its many strengths, one area where the Super Meteor can stand to improve is ride quality – the setup at the rear is rather firm and has limited travel, and the feet forward ergos make it difficult to isolate yourself from the bumps. There is a possibility that the Shotgun could rectify this, with a more plush suspension setup and/or a seating position that better isolates you from road imperfections. Unless you're very keen on the long, low-slung cruiser form factor, it will be worth waiting for the Shotgun to see what improvements it can bring.

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