Should you fill your car, SUV's tank to the brim

Maruti Suzuki Jimny fuel filling

Is it advisable to fill the tank up to the brim? I have a habit of doing so, but a friend told me that it is dangerous and could lead to a fire as there’s no space left for air in the fuel tank.

Abhishek Goswami, Mumbai

Autocar India says: Filling the vehicle fuel tank up to the brim is not a safe practice. One should stop filling once the nozzle cuts off automatically, or when there is a blowback pressure that resists fuel flow into the tank.

Filling only up to this level is critical to ensure that the air pocket inside the fuel tank remains empty to allow for the expansion of fuel. If occupied, there could be fuel spillage, which could be potentially hazardous by posing a risk of fire.

Moreover, if left unwiped, there is a high chance of the spilled fuel damaging the paint on the vehicle’s body around the fuel filler area. While it could lead to severe rusting, most vehicle manufacturers do not honour paint warranty if the damage is caused by alcohol-based liquids.

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