Toyota Innova Hycross or Jeep Meridian: which is a better automatic 7-seater?

Toyota Innova Hycross front quarter

I have a budget of Rs 40 lakh, on-road, and I am interested in the Jeep Meridian 4x2 AT and Toyota Innova Hycross ZX(O). The Meridian is offered with huge discounts till January 31. I want something that is fun to drive, has good ground clearance and ride quality, and is spacious.

Gautham Reddy, Hyderabad

Autocar India says: These are both very different vehicles so it really depends on your usage. The Meridian is a better highway vehicle with fantastic high-speed stability and long gearing, making it an effortless cruiser too. The Hycross is smoother and more comfortable, but it’s more of an urban vehicle. So, if your use is mainly in town, the Hycross is the one to go for. Also, in terms of reliability, Toyota has a far better reputation than Jeep.

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