Skoda Octavia or Hyundai Tucson: which car, SUV to buy under Rs 35 lakh?

Hyundai Tucson front quarter

I am planning to buy a car within a budget of Rs 35 lakh, on-road. I have shortlisted the Hyundai Tucson and Skoda Octavia, although I am more inclined towards the Octavia L&K. I am waiting to see if Skoda decides to pull the plug due to RDE norms. Is it the right decision? The Tucson is a credible product, but the petrol engine lacks lustre.

Tushar Sharma, Gandhinagar

Autocar India says: We have reported that Skoda is definitely discontinuing both the Octavia and Superb with the implementation of RDE norms. So if you wait, chances are there will be no Octavia in the market. Our advice would be to snap up the Octavia before it is sold out and discontinued because there is simply no other alternative to it. The Tucson petrol, as you said, is lacklustre in comparison to the Octavia’s brilliant 2.0 TSI engine, and the overall drive feel of the Skoda is far superior too.

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