Tyre upgrade for Toyota Innova Crysta: which size should you go for?

2022 Toyota Innova Crysta tyre.

My Toyota Innova Crysta’s tyre burst due to a pothole on the highway. My spare tyre is also not good, as it has bubbles in it, and I am thinking of replacing my tyres as they have covered over 50,000km. My MPV currently runs on Bridgestone Turanza T001 215/55/17, and I want to know if it’s okay to upgrade it to 215/60/17. I find the current tyre size to be low profile, but will upgrading it affect handling and fuel economy?

Aamir Khan, Mumbai

Autocar India says: The 215/60/R-17 would be a touch too large for the Innova Crysta. The overall diameter of the standard size 215/55/R-17 is 668mm compared to 691mm for the 215/60/R-17 upsize. This is almost an inch taller and may foul with the suspension.

You can consider the 225/55/R-17s instead, which has an overall diameter of 678mm and a sidewall height of 124mm – a crucial 5mm taller than the original 119mm. With this size, your tyres will gain an increase in sidewall height as well as increase in width. The overall diameter of the tyre would also be within limits.

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