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It’s tha time of the year when families get together to celebrate festivities. At a time when people are still wary about using public transport, having your own vehicle becomes more of a necessity now. However, no one wants rising costs to put a dampener on their festivities either. When you look at the final picture, you realise that a hatchback that provides a spacious, safe and economical feeling is the smartest choice. And what better option for a hatchback than the Indian families’ favourite for over two decades! Even after several upgrades, the big, new WagonR is one amongst the top choices for Indian families. Why?

It’s big on space

Indian families need and love  space, especially during the festive season. Space for the additional family members, space for gifts and all the personal luggage everybody wants to carry along. This is where the big, new WagonR shines the brightest. Its enhanced cabin provides more than enough space for everyone. Its spacious 341-litre boot has enough space to swallow all the festive gifts and treats that are to be shared with loved ones. Its cabin is also practically designed with numerous utility spaces to accommodate everyday items.

It’s big on comfort

The interiors of the new WagonR are truly invigorating with a refreshing two-toned black and beige look. The seats are designed smartly to provide ample support to the driver and all its passengers. The doors open wide enough, allowing easy ingress and egress, especially useful when you’re dressed in your best festive attire. The wider track and the stiffer HEARTECT platform of the new WagonR makes the ride stable and silent with advanced suspension, and the light steering wheel makes your driving experience a breeze in tight city streets. Moreover, the cabin insulation adds a new dimension of comfort to the big, new WagonR.

It’s big on fun

The WagonR’s new-age SmartPlay Studio takes the in-car entertainment to a new level. It has an easy-to-use 7.1-inch screen with an intuitively designed interface. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included, and you can even pair your phone to stream online music, check the news or get weather updates. The audio system can also be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone app. The new WagonR also has steering mounted controls to let the driver easily manage the infotainment system.

It’s big on character

Several factors go into defining the character of a car. The same is true for the big, new WagonR. Underpinning its ‘bigness’ is the HEARTECT platform that not only makes the WagonR safer but also gives more interior space. Then comes the engine, the heart of the car. The advanced K-series engine offers an unmatched driving experience. The peppy and refined 1.2-litre powerplant puts out 82bhp that makes the WagonR feel very lively. It’s effortless and even a little sporty to drive. The engine enjoys being revved and its performance only gets stronger up the power-band. It does all this without compromising on fuel-efficiency. After all, you don’t want the ever-rising fuel prices to dampen your celebrations. There’s even an S-CNG version for the practical-minded owner. Fun with a healthy dose of sensibility makes for it a great combination for everyone.

It’s big on technology and safety

One of the main things that makes the WagonR fun and effortless to drive is the revolutionary Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission. It makes the drive even more effortless, and extends to safety too. Driver-side airbag, ABS with EBD, seat-belt reminder, a speed alert system, rear parking sensors, central locking and child-proof rear locks come standard with the WagonR. Higher variants get even more features like a passenger airbag, seat belts with pre tensioners and force limiters, front fog lamps and more.

It’s big on style

Everything about the big, new WagonR comes wrapped in a bold package that makes it look rather substantial. It retains its tall boy proportions and is 125mm wider and 35mm longer than the previous generation. It gets a bulkier, rounded nose, arrow-shaped dual-split headlamps, a modern architectural grille and a sporty chin. The wheel arches are well-defined and a strong shoulder line that adds a unique style and character to its look. It’s floating roof and vertically stacked tail lamps look stylish too.

It’s big on love

The WagonR has been amongst one of India’s favourite lists of cars for over two decades. Its seven models across four generations have evolved from strength to strength adding more technology, performance, and space with each iteration. It has always adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the practical, confident, family-minded people that tend to choose the WagonR. Ever since its arrival, it has been the car of choice for Indian families. It’s sought after even in the used-car market and offers an excellent resale value.

Do something special for your family this festive season. Head over to your nearest Maruti Suzuki Arena showroom with your family, test-drive the WagonR and celebrate the spirit of festivity in a whole new way.

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