Bajaj CNG bike teased ahead of July 5 launch


Ahead of its July 5 launch, Bajaj has officially teased its unique CNG bike and while the teaser reveals precious little, we can confirm a few things. 

  1. Will switch seamlessly between CNG, petrol
  2. Uses round LED headlight; long, flat seat 
  3. Both fuels will be stored separately onboard

Bajaj CNG bike launch, design details

The most important thing shown in this teaser is the switch to toggle between CNG and petrol. This button is located on the left hand switch cube as we can see the indicator arrows just below it. We have also gotten a glimpse at some of its engineering details, and to read more about that, tap HERE.

The other giveaway here is that this bike gets a round LED headlight as well as a flat, bench-style seat. These elements hint that while this will be a practical, utilitarian machine, it won’t be a barebones machine. On a previous occasion, we have also seen that the Bajaj CNG bike uses twin 5-spoke alloy wheels. 

The launch of this bike is just 2 days away so keep your eyes peeled to our website and social media for the latest developments on this matter. Bajaj has filed trademarks for a number of unused names such as Marathon, Trekker, Freedom, Glider and Fighter; do you think one of these names could be used for this revolutionary bike? Let's have a discussion in the comments section below. 

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