Most powerful bikes under Rs 10 lakh


Sticking with our theme, we have now doubled the budget of our previous story and have compiled a list of the most powerful bikes under the Rs 10 lakh mark (ex-showroom). This list is where serious performance starts to make its way into your hands and you can find bikes making upwards of 80hp here. This list only has entrants from two companies - Triumph and Kawasaki - showing just how right these two marquees have gotten their big bike pricing in these inflationary times. 

5. Triumph Speed Twin 900


You’re probably thinking that the Speed Twin 900 is a suave, relaxed, neo-retro roadster that's not really oriented toward performance but the relatively modest spec sheet doesn’t paint the full picture. The smallest model in the Bonneville lineup is anything but slow and with 80Nm of torque on tap, the Speed Twin 900 is a brisk machine to say the least. You can also opt for the authentic retro Bonneville T100 or the off-road focused Scrambler 900, all three models are based on the same platform. However, at Rs 9.69 lakh and Rs 9.59 lakh, respectively, these models cost a fair chunk more.

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4. Kawasaki Z650


The Kawasaki Z650 is the most affordable bike on this list and by some margin. It is also one of the lighter bikes here, tipping the scales at 191kg. Powering the Z650 is the tried-and-tested liquid-cooled, 649cc, parallel-twin engine making 68hp and 64Nm of torque. 

If the sharp and edgy looks of the Z aren’t to your taste, you can opt for the neo-retro Z650RS for just a few thousand rupees more. To give you an idea of how quick these two are, the Kawasaki Z650RS managed a 4.32s 0-100kph run in our tests. In fact, you can opt for a Ninja, a Versys or even a Vulcan S, depending on what form factor suits your fancy more, based on the same platform. 

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3. Kawasaki ZX-4R


The Kawasaki ZX-4R’s engine is smaller than the Ninja 500’s motor but this inline-four screamer revs to over 14,000rpm (!), which is where the meat of the 77hp is made. With RAM air assistance, this number rises to 80hp. At Rs 8.49 lakh, the littlest ZX is a pricey proposition for sure but promises a riding experience that few other bikes can replicate today. The up-spec ZX-4RR costs Rs 61,000 more and has a bidirectional quickshifter, adjustable higher-spec suspension and is available in the catchy Kawasaki Racing Team colours.

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2. Triumph Trident 660


The Trident 660 is the most affordable model in Triumph’s big bike lineup but it still finishes at number 2 on this list. The punchy 660cc motor in the Trident propels this bike to 100kph in 4.11s from a standing start, as per out tests. You can even option the Trident with an optional bidirectional quickshifter for Rs 30,000. This triple cylinder engine is also remarkably smooth and we found it to be the smoother engine in our comparison with the erstwhile Honda CB650R

You can even opt for the Tiger Sport 660 if you want all-day comfort along with a comparable level of performance, although at Rs 9.45 lakh, it costs a fair deal more than the Trident. The launch of the Daytona 660 also seems to be looming because the model has been listed on the Indian website for quite some time. The 660cc motor has been overhauled for use in the sportbike and here it makes a higher 95hp compared to the 81hp in the other two Triumph 660s.

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1. Kawasaki Z900


The saying “there’s no replacement for displacement” comes to mind when speaking of the Z900, at least in this company. With 125hp and 98.6Nm of torque on tap, the Kawasaki Z900’s 948cc mill is one of the torquiest in its class. It also has a raft of electronic rider aids like power modes, riding modes and switchable traction control. At 212kg, this is also the heaviest bike on this list.

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Honourable mentions

The Triumph Street Triple R which makes 120hp, narrowly misses out on this list due to its Rs 10.17 lakh asking price. However, on road prices in most major cities are either on par or even a little lower than the Z900 due to higher taxes levied on the larger CBU from Thailand Kawasaki. 

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The Ducati Scrambler 2G is the most affordable model in the Bologna-based marque’s lineup but isn’t quite affordable enough to make the cut here. Nonetheless, the Scrambler 2G is a likeable motorcycle that is easy to ride and is approachable for riders of all shapes and sizes. 

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