Maruti Grand Vitara CNG or Kia Sonet diesel: which SUV to buy?

Kia Sonet vs Maruti Grand Vitara

I want to replace my over-three-year-old Hyundai Venue petrol with the Kia Sonet diesel iMT or Maruti Grand Vitara CNG. My annual running is 16,000km, and I don’t want to install an aftermarket CNG kit in the Venue as boot space will be compromised. I am confused between diesel and CNG, especially with rumours that the government isn’t in favour of diesel cars.

Kamlesh, Baramati

Autocar India says: There is always a worry about the future of diesel, but other than Delhi-NCR, which has a ban on diesels older than 10 years, there is no such concern in other parts of the country. We feel the Sonet 1.5 diesel is the best in the market as it offers strong performance and superb refinement. And though the Grand Vitara CNG is a practical choice, it is not as nice to drive as the Sonet diesel.

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