iQube, Chetak or Rizta: Best electric scooter for large riders?


I need an electric scooter for my 20-25km daily running. It shouldn't be too light because it can skid over poor roads, but not too heavy either because short people in my family will ride it. We also require it to fit a large member of the family on the back who weighs 120kg, so it needs to be spacious as well. 

Jason, Mumbai

Autocar India says: Those are some rather precise needs you have mentioned and we think you should narrow your choice down to the TVS iQube, the Bajaj Chetak or the new Ather Rizta. Since your daily running is low, you can opt for the smaller battery variants in each case.

We suggest you take a test ride of all the scooters, but given your requirement for space, the Ather Rizta might meet your needs best. It does not have a very high seat, so shorter riders should be able to manage, but both the Chetak and iQube are better in this regard. However, the Rizta has the longest seat in the segment, which is a big advantage for your particular requirements. Moreover, the Rizta’s suspension is not as soft as the TVS iQube and that will be a benefit for heavier riders or passengers. 

There’s also the River Indie and it is a large scooter that will meet your requirements however, it is currently only on sale in Bengaluru.

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