Hyundai Exter real world fuel economy tested, explained


The Exter is Hyundai’s smallest SUV that rivals the Tata Punch and Citroen C3. We have put it through our instrumented real world tests to see just how fuel efficient it really is.

  1. Powered by an 83hp, 1.2-litre petrol engine
  2. Features fuel-saving auto start/stop tech

Hyundai Exter petrol manual fuel economy

The Hyundai Exter is powered by an 83hp, 114Nm, 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, which is shared with other models like the i10 Niosi20 and Venue. Gearbox options include either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed AMT.

We’ve tested the manual version, which has a claimed combined fuel efficiency of 19.4kpl. However, in our real world efficiency test, the MT returned 9.21kpl in the city and 14.77kpl on the highway; combined efficiency is 11.99kpl. The Exter does feature fuel-saving auto start/stop tech, but high ambient temperatures (around 40-degC) meant that the system switched the car off only on a few occasions to keep the AC running. This impacted the fuel efficiency significantly.

In comparison to the Grand i10 Nios it is based on, the Exter is 48kg heavier and has slightly different gearing, which also seems to have affected its efficiency in the real world. On the highway, the Exter’s engine spins at around 2,900rpm in fifth gear at 100kph.

Autocar India’s fuel efficiency testing

Before our real-world fuel efficiency test, we fill the tanks of our test cars up to the brim and maintain tyre pressures based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. These cars are driven in fixed city and highway loops, and we maintain certain average speeds. Throughout our test, we ran the air-con and other electricals like the audio system, indicators and wipers when required, just like how a regular user would. Periodic driver swaps further neutralise variations in driver patterns. At the end of each cycle, we calculate efficiency by filling them up to the brim again.

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