Hyundai Creta or Skoda Slavia: buy an SUV or a sedan?

Hyundai Creta vs Skoda Slavia

I want a petrol-automatic car that costs between Rs 18 lakh and 20 lakh to replace my Honda City. My monthly running – 600-800km – is a mix of both city and highway. I have shortlisted the Skoda Slavia, Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta. Which is the best option?

Sahil Jadoo, New Delhi

Autocar India says: You first have to decide if you want a sedan or an SUV. If it’s a sedan, the Slavia is a good replacement for your City. It is spacious, reasonably well-equipped, drives brilliantly – especially on the highway – and has strong engines. However, if you want an SUV or a car that does everything well, the Creta is the best. The freshly revamped Creta has a spacious and well-equipped cabin. It drives superbly and the quality of the maetrials is unlike anything else in its category.

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