Electric scooters, bikes with the largest batteries in India


On the occasion of World Environment Day, we have compiled a list of the biggest batteries available on two-wheelers on sale in India. For this list, we have stuck to reputed mainstream Indian manufacturers that have developed and designed their own products.  

Ola S1 Pro, S1 X, Tork Kratos R 4kWh

In the mainstream EV market, 4kWh is pretty much the upper limit when it comes to battery capacities. Most mainstream electric two-wheelers you’ll see on the road today will likely have a battery that is smaller than this number. 4kWh is the biggest capacity offered on any Ola electric scooter on sale today and it is available with both, the top-spec S1 Pro and the entry-level S1 X. The claimed IDC range for the former is 195km, while the latter has a slightly lower 190km figure. 

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The Tork Kratos R is another offering with a 4kWh battery pack, although this pack is plonked into a machine that has the form factor of a motorcycle. Tork claims the Kratos R has an IDC range of 180km on a single charge.

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Oben Rorr 4.4kWh

The Oben Rorr has gone through a couple of iterations before it finally went on sale, and it is available with a 4.4kWh LFP battery pack; the Rorr is the only one on this list to feature a different battery chemistry. With this pack, you get a claimed IDC range of 187km, but the real world figures are far lower. To read our full review, you can tap here.

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Simple One 5kWh

The Simple One has had a very slow start and as of today, the company has sold 525 electric scooters according to data available on the government's Vahan portal. The nifty thing about the One is that it comes with both a fixed and a removable battery. Claimed IDC range for the One stands at 212km (with 6 percent SOC remaining), although in the real world you’re unlikely to see a 200km number on a single charge.

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TVS iQube ST 5.1kWh

Two years after it was first unveiled to the public, TVS has finally launched the range-topping iQube ST 5.1 variant. This is the most expensive iQube on sale and also has the most range to offer, with a claimed real world range of 185km on a single charge. 

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Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 7.1kWh

Ultraviolette sells the F77 Mach 2 electric bike in two variants – standard and Recon. The standard Mach 2 still comes with a significant 7.1kWh battery pack with a claimed IDC range of 211km. Ultraviolette recently updated the F77 electric bike and to read more about that, tap here.

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Recon 10.3kWh

The largest battery pack available on a two-wheeler in India is on the Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Recon variant, and it measures 10.3kWh in capacity. With a claimed 323km IDC range figure, the F77 Mach 2 has the most range of any electric two-wheeler currently on sale in India. 

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We haven’t included the TVS X in this list even though it has a 4.4kWh battery pack because TVS has not yet started deliveries for that scooter yet. 

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