“Avinya is not going to be a single model, it’s a brand", says Tata's Vivek Srivatsa

Tata Avinya EV

The Tata Avinya, which was first previewed as a concept in April 2022, is not going to be a single vehicle, but will instead be a premium all-electric brand that’ll spawn an entire family of cars and SUVs, confirms Vivek Srivatsa, chief commercial officer, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, to Autocar India. The Avinya range of cars will be based on Tata’s Gen 3 EV architecture, which will comprise a born-electric skateboard platform; the first model is due around late-2025.

Tata Avinya will be a premium electric brand

“Avinya is not going to be a single model; it’s a brand, and we will spawn multiple products under that brand,” said Srivatsa in a recent interaction with Autocar India.

The entire Avinya range will sit at the higher end of Tata’s product portfolio, clarified Srivatsa, saying, “When it comes to placement, there will be some overlap with regular Tata EVs, but there is no hard ceiling for Tata Motors now, and no hard and fast price differentiation.” The Avinya range will have varied sizes and body styles, majorly SUVs and MPVs.

However, it is currently unclear if Tata and Avinya will operate as independent brands, akin to Toyota and Lexus, or if it will be a sub-brand within Tata Motors, much like how Maybach is incorporated within Mercedes. 

The Avinya range of cars will be built at Tata’s upcoming new plant in Tamil Nadu for which the company recently committed an investment of Rs 9,000 crore. The plant is likely to come up at Ranipet and sources say that Tata could use it to produce Jaguar Land Rover EVs as well.

Tata Avinya to use JLR’s EMA architecture

And that brings us to JLR’s modular EMA architecture, which will form the base of all Avinya cars, as the brand announced last November. Tata Motors will be paying a royalty fee to JLR for using the platform, but importantly, it will be localised to keep costs competitive.

The EMA platform was first announced in 2021, and it's also going to underpin the next-gen VelarEvoque and Discovery Sport. Localising the platform in India means JLR can also tap into some of these cost benefits.

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