Next-gen Mercedes MB.EA Large EV platform cancelled amidst slow sales


Mercedes-Benz is set to dramatically reduce its investment in electric vehicle platform development, with a decision to drop the upcoming MB.EA Large architecture. 

  1. Mercedes’ MB.EA Large would’ve underpinned next-gen EQE and EQS
  2. MB.EA Medium platform to soldier on for now

The new platform was planned to be launched in 2028 and would have been utilised for the next-gen EQE and EQS sedans and SUVs. The development of the MB.EA Large platform has been cancelled due to poor sales of the existing EQE and EQS models. The investment savings brought by halting the development and infrastructure changes at its production sites to accommodate the new platform are estimated to be between €4 billion and €6 billion (roughly Rs 36,074 crore and Rs 54,111 crore). 

Mercedes-Benz originally planned to develop two versions of MB.EA platform i.e. the MB.EA Medium for the upcoming EQC sedan and SUV, and the MB.EA Large for the larger EQE and EQS models. With the MB.EA Large now canceled, the carmaker intends to further develop the  existing EVA2 platform that currently underpins the EQE and EQS models, with an 800V charging architecture set to replace the 400V system.

Other changes planned for the EVA2 platform include new battery cell technology and more efficient electric motors for increased range. Apart from the MB.EA Medium, Mercedes-Benz is said to have firm plans to develop the MMA (for compact EVs), MB.AMG (sports cars) and MB.VAN (commercial vehicle) platforms.

The decision to cancel plans for the MB.EA Large platform forms part of a broader realignment of Mercedes-Benz future development activities. The company also recently postponed its target of achieving a 50% EV (plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle) share of sales in 2025 to 2030. Mercedes rolled back on its plans to become an EV only brand by 2030.

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