Honda NX500: the best middle-weight ADV under Rs 7 lakh

Honda NX500 should you buy?

I am looking for a bike with a budget of no more than Rs 6-7 lakh. I will use the bike for less than 100km a day with occasional long-distance touring along with a pillion. I'm 6'1" and weigh around 72 kilos. I have test ridden the below bikes:

Duke 390 – Average city tractability and pillion comfort.
CB300R – Great out of box bike. Poor pillion comfort.
390 Adventure – Great bike overall

Are there any 1-2-cylinder bikes with tractability and comfort level for the pillion like the CB300R?

Dawson, Mangaluru

Autocar India says: Given your generous budget, we think the new Honda NX500 will be the ideal bike for your requirements. It is easy to ride within the city on a daily basis and also makes for a good tourer. Comfort is great, both for a tall rider such as yourself, and for a pillion.

Compared with all the bikes you have experienced, the Honda’s twin-cylinder smoothness and strong torque will be a level above. The NX is a relatively expensive bike and it isn’t a sporty or aggressive machine, but it offers a very good overall experience. We will have a review of the NX 500 out soon. 

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