BMW Automated Shift Assistant allows automatic clutch operation


BMW has introduced Automated Shift Assistant technology which eliminates the need for the rider to manually use the clutch while changing gears and coming to a stop. 

  1. Has been applied to a boxer engine for now
  2. Two modes – D and M – on offer

BMW Automated Shift Assistant: how does it work?

The Automated Shift Assistant features a design in which two electromechanical actuators automate the clutch and gear shifts of the six-speed transmission. Therefore, there is no need for a physical lever to operate the clutch manually here. 

There are two modes in which this technology can be used – D and M. In D mode, the system controls when the gears are changed and is like ‘auto’ mode. While, in M mode, the rider can control the gear shifts using a conventional gear lever. If the bike is in M mode and there is a chance of stalling, the system will automatically downshift thereby preventing that from happening. 

Interestingly, while no particular model has been named in the release, the company does make mention of a boxer engine. This would naturally mean that the technology is available on the R line of bikes, comprising ADVs, retro roadsters and the behemoth 1,800cc cruisers. It remains to be seen if/when this new technology makes its way to India.

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