Bajaj Fighter name trademarked, could be used on future scooter, bike

Bajaj Fighter, Bajaj Bruzer, Bajaj CNG bike, launch

While Bajaj has announced it will soon unveil its CNG motorcycle, there has yet to be any concrete news about what it will be called. Earlier this month, Bajaj filed a trademark application for ‘Fighter’.

  1. 'Fighter' name trademarked by Bajaj on the 7th of May
  2. Bajaj's first CNG motorcycle could be

Bajaj Fighter, Bajaj Bruzer, details

We suspect this could be used for their upcoming CNG bike. A few months ago, Bajaj also trademarked the name ‘Bruzer, which could hint at more than one model. Spy shots have already revealed more than one test mule, each equipped with different accessories. While one unit was spied with road-oriented tyres and a short windscreen, the other was spotted with handguards and block pattern tyres.

It leads us to believe Bajaj could have a road version and a slightly more rugged alternative. Design leaks showcase a small petrol tank and a CNG tank under the rider. Bajaj was also recently spotted testing a 125cc bike that would rival the Hero Xtreme 125r and the TVS Raider. Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle will be unveiled on the 18th of June, and it is yet to be seen if Bajaj will use the ‘Fighter’ name for its motorcycle.

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