5 most affordable electric cars, SUVs in India

Most affordable EVs in India

There’s nothing that comes close to EVs when it comes to running costs. While public charging infrastructure still has a long way to go, EVs are arguably the best choice if you are living in an urban environment and have access to home/office charging. We list the five most affordable EVs currently on sale that are well suited for urban commuting.

1. MG Comet EV

Price: Rs 6.99 lakh-9.14 lakh

As a strict city commuter, the Comet is superb; its compact dimensions make it extremely manoeuvrable and it has a very cute appeal. The small battery limits range, the ride quality is firm for our imperfect roads, and while the cabin is pleasant, it needs more stowage spaces.

2. Tata Tiago EV

Price: Rs 7.99 lakh-11.89 lakh

The Tiago EV makes for a sensible entry point into the world of EVs with its smooth and refined powertrain, excellent ride quality and value-for-money quotient. It's compact for the city, has usable range and a well-built interior with enough equipment, but its performance isn’t particularly electrifying.

3. Citroen eC3

Price: Rs 11.61 lakh-13.35 lakh

Being slightly boxy and upright, the eC3 has a spacious interior for four, it rides comfortably and looks chic too. Range is decent, but performance is disappointingly dull and there’s glaring omission of features that’ll be sorely felt. Its reasonably priced, but lacks the wow factor EV buyers expect. 

4. Tata Tigor EV

Price: Rs 12.49 lakh-13.75 lakh

Apart from the addition of a boot over the Tiago EV, the Tigor EV gets a slightly larger battery, and thereby, more range and slightly better performance. It carries over the strengths of good ride quality, a well-specced cabin and a refined powertrain, but it’s hard to justify the premium over the Tiago EV.  

5. Tata Punch EV

Price: Rs 10.99 lakh-15.49 lakh

The Punch EV is the most accomplished EV of this lot. It’s loaded with features, has strong performance, brilliant ride quality and sufficient range. It’s hard to beat as an urban runabout, and the 190mm ground clearance adds to practicality. The only downsides are a cramped rear seat and lack of finesse in fit and finish.

All prices ex-showroom, India 

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