Ultraviolette F77 battery warranty doubled free of cost


Ultraviolette Automotive has announced a new battery and drivetrain warranty structure for its F77 electric bike. With this new structure, the warranty for the battery pack has been doubled as standard, free of cost. 

Ultraviolette’s new warranty pack includes 3 distinct packages – UV Care, UV Care+ and UV Care Max, all of which are now offering a big extension in the distance limit. While the coverage on UV Care and UV Care+ has been doubled with the new warranty structure, the UV Care Max pack now offers an eight times longer km limit. The UV Care pack has a 60,000km limit now, while the Care+ pack has a 1 lakh km limit now. This means the Original variant of the F77 has a 60,000km battery, powertrain warranty now and the higher Recon variant drives that number up to 1 lakh km. 

This change in policy follows the discovery that one of the F77 test motorcycles retained over 95 percent of its original rated capacity after crossing the 1 lakh kms mark. Following a test at ARAI, this same unit showcased exceptional IDC range, delivering 304 km on a single charge. In the process Ultraviolette claims that  this motorcycle showcased Rs 4.41 lakh worth of fuel savings.

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