Toyota Vellfire or new Mercedes E-Class: which is most comfortable for Rs 1.5 crore?

Mercedes E-Class vs Toyota Vellfire

I'm looking for a replacement for my 2017 Mercedes E-Class for around Rs 1.5 crore. Comfort and ease of access are of utmost importance as this car will be for my parents in their late 70s, who'll be chauffeur driven at all times. What are my options?

Rohan Shah, Surat

Autocar India says: If you are open to look beyond the traditional sedan or SUV body style, the new Toyota Vellfire is an excellent option for a chauffeur-driven car, with its lounge-like rear seats lending an extremely comfortable drive experience. Also, due to its sliding doors and tall height, ingress-egress will also be very easy for your parents. 

Alternatively, you could consider an SUV like the Mercedes GLE or the BMW X7, for their raised ride height; the latter has a captain seat middle-row option too. And if you prefer a sedan body style, we'd suggest you defer the purchase till the end of this year and wait for the new Mercedes E-Class, which is expected to be even larger and more comfortable than the version you have.

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