How to reduce cabin noise in your car, SUV?

Honda Elevate NVH

I will be getting the Honda Elevate in a few days, but I have questions regarding its NVH levels. Is it possible to dampen the NVH level inside the car under warranty? Kindly let me know.

Jacob, Bengaluru

Autocar India says: The NVH levels in the Elevate are quite high as we’d pointed out in our road test as well. However, not much can be done to improve the refinement. Ambient noises and vibrations can only be controlled by specialised sealants, other sound-deadening materials used at strategic locations in the car’s monocoque during the manufacturing process itself.

Therefore, the best solution is to damp the doors and boot of the car with damping sheets available with aftermarket audio installers. There will be some improvement in NVH, but not completely up to the mark. Replacing stock tyres with those that produce less noise could also help; in general, V-shaped unidirectional tyres run quieter than block tread patterns.

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