Every new car, SUV tested by Global NCAP in 2024 in India


Global NCAP’s Safer Cars for India programme is winding down after over 10 years – the first round of test results were released in January 2014 and included models like the Volkswagen Polo, Maruti Alto 800, Tata Nano and Ford Figo. The latest crash test results that have been announced by the safety organisation are among the last it will publish, as India’s own Bharat NCAP safety assessment programme has begun. Still, just four months into 2024, Global NCAP has already announced results for five new models. Here’s how they performed.

5. Citroen eC3 – 0 stars (20.86 points AOP)

Citroen eC3 Global NCAP 2024
Results for the eC3 were released on March 21, 2024.

Citroen’s all-electric hatchback currently has the lowest rating among all the cars and SUVs tested by Global NCAP this year. Despite scoring 20.86/34 points in adult occupancy protection, the Citroen eC3 got zero stars as it didn’t have ESC, the seatbelt reminders did not meet standards, and it did not comply with pedestrian safety norms. Protection for the driver and passenger’s chest, and the driver’s legs was also deemed less than adequate.

In terms of child occupant safety, the e-hatchback scored 10.55 out of a maximum 49, which resulted in a 1-star rating. Global NCAP cited the absence of ISOFIX child seat mounts, excessive forward exposure and head contact with vehicle interior for the three-year-old dummy in the front impact tests, and that the 18-month-old dummy’s head was exposed in the side impact tests, as reasons for the score.

4. Mahindra Bolero Neo – 1 star (20.26 points)

Mahindra Bolero Neo Global NCAP 2024
Results for the Neo were announced on April 23, 2024.

The Bolero Neo was the second Mahindra model to be tested under Global NCAP’s new protocols, but unlike the Scorpio N, the compact SUV didn’t perform nearly as well. Due to an unstable structure and footwell area, the lack of curtain airbags and seat belt reminders for all passengers, and the fact that it has side-facing third-row seats, the Bolero Neo was marked down – it scored 20.26/34 points, earning it a 1-star rating.

The lack of three-point seat belts for all passengers and a passenger airbag deactivation switch, along with there being only one child restraint system (CRS), resulted in the Neo scoring just 12.71/49 points, giving it a 1-star rating. Although there was almost full protection for the three-year-old dummy, the 18-month-old dummy suffered head exposure during the frontal impacts.

3. Honda Amaze - 2 stars (27.85 points)

Honda Amaze Global NCAP 2024
Results for the Amaze were released on April 23, 2024.

The Honda Amaze got 2 stars for adult occupancy protection and zero stars for child safety, with scores of 27.85/34 points and 8.58/49 points, respectively. The reasons for the low adult occupant score were the less than adequate chest and knee protection, and the lack of ESC. Honda’s compact sedan scored poorly in the child protection tests as the three-year-old dummy’s head made contact with the interior during frontal impact tests, and the 18-month-old dummy was ejected from the seat during the same tests. And that’s despite having ISOFIX anchors as standard.

The Japanese brand recently upgraded the Amaze’s safety kit, though how this will affect its score is yet known. However, Global NCAP is unlikely to test it again as India moves to its own Bharat NCAP safety assessment programme.

2. Kia Carens - 3 stars (22.07 points)

Kia Carens Global NCAP 2024
Results for the Carens were announced on April 23, 2024.

The Kia Carens is one of the few cars that Global NCAP has tested multiple times. The first time was before the new protocols came into effect in Jul 2022, and the next two were more recent. In the first round of tests under the new safety norms, the Carens received zero stars for adult occupancy due to driver suffering severe neck injuries. As Kia is said to have taken immediate action and improved the restraint systems, the MPV achieve a 3-star rating. An unstable bodyshell and that the seat belt reminders only fulfil the requirements for the front row also led to this result.

In terms of child occupancy score, the Carens scored 41 out of 49, earning a 5-star rating in this area. Kia’s MPV comes with six airbags, ESC, rear parking sensors, hill-start assist, rear disc brakes, three-point seat belts for all seats and ISOFIX anchors, as standard.

1. Tata Nexon - 5 stars (32.22 points)

Tata Nexon Global NCAP 2024
Results for the Nexon were released on February 14, 2024.

Following its facelift in September 2023, the Nexon was tested a third time, but this time it was under the more stringent testing protocols. The Nexon already had a 5-star rating, but it bettered its score with 32.22 points (out of a max of 34) for adult occupancy protection (AOP), and 44.52 (out of 49) for child occupant protection (COP), thereby scoring a 5-stars in both categories. The Nexon’s result is the second highest score for adult and child occupant safety in the Safer Cars For India campaign.

In the front impact, side-impact and side pole impact tests, the Nexon provided at least adequate protection in all aspects, except for the chest area in the side pole test. More importantly, the Nexon facelift betters its predecessor’s COP score by a large margin; the Nexon was given 3 stars for COP in 2018. Standard safety features on the Nexon include six airbags, ESC, seat belt reminders, ISOFIX anchors and a passenger airbag disabling switch.

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