Does the Yamaha Aerox S justify its Rs 1.50 lakh price?


I want to buy the Yamaha Aerox and I saw that the new S version has been launched at Rs 1.50 lakh. Is it really worth so much money?

Vishwas R L, via email. 

Autocar India says: The new Yamaha Aerox Version S costs three thousand rupees more than the standard Aerox and it gives you keyless ignition for the extra money. Either way, the Aerox is an expensive scooter, but it backs up its asking price by offering you design and technology that you will not find anywhere else. 

The liquid-cooled, 155cc engine is a unique offering and with 15hp it is the most powerful locally manufactured petrol scooter. While EVs like the Ola S1 Pro or Ather 450X are quicker in outright acceleration, the Aerox is much more capable when it comes to holding highway speeds and covering longer distances. 

The main downside with this scooter is the firm rear suspension and this is something that owners (in India and overseas) frequently upgrade with better aftermarket units. 

Overall, the Aerox is an excitingly sporty looking machine that has strong performance and will easily stand out among a crowd of conventional scooters. If you value those attributes you will find this vehicle to be worth the money. 

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