Ather Rizta launched at Rs 1.10 lakh


The long-awaited Ather Rizta has finally been launched with prices starting at Rs 1.10 lakh and going up to Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom). The Rizta is a more practical and affordable electric scooter from Ather than the sporty 450 range but it still packs in novel features like traction control and also has a combined 56 litres of storage space. 

  1. Two battery packs on offer – 2.9kWh, 3.7kWh
  2. Prices are introductory, deliveries begin in July
  3. First Indian EV scooter to get traction control

Ather Rizta range, comfort, features

The Rizta’s design is quite boxy and rounded compared to the angular and sharp lines you’ll see on the 450 lineup. The LED headlight is almost rectangular in shape along with integrated indicators and it reminds one of the unit found on a close rival – the TVS iQube. The long seat appears to be much more comfortable than the one on the 450 series and should comfortably fit two adults as seen here. The taillamp is a sleek, flush-mounted unit and it too gets integrated indicators like the headlight. 

The starting point of the Rizta’s frame was the 450X’s aluminium unit but Ather has heavily reworked the rear to make it wider and has also reduced the height a little. All of this should make it much more usable and friendlier on the road. The company also claims that this reworked chassis makes it easier to ride in slow-speed situations, a very typical usage scenario for most scooters.

At 118kg, the Rizta weighs almost exactly the same as the TVS iQube and is one of the lighter offerings in the practical e-scooter space, and weighs just 7 kg more than the physically smaller 450X. 

The Rizta is offered in two variants, S and Z, with the former only getting a 2.9kWh pack while the latter gets both the 2.9kWh and 3.7kWh battery capacities, respectively. The claimed IDC range for the 2.9kWh pack Rizta is 123km and Ather claims a 105km TrueRange number, while for the 3.7kWh unit those figures stand at 160km and 125km. Both packs are IP67 certified and the Rizta has 400mm of water wading ability. The claimed top speed of both variants is 80kph. 

The underseat storage space is 34 litres, which is the same as the Gen 2 Ola e-scooters but still smaller than the cavernous 43 litre unit on the River Indie.  Ather also offers another pocket under the seat to keep your small knick-knacks, keys etc. 

The Rizta’s accessory soft ‘frunk’ is 22 litres in capacity, which means total storage on the family Ather is 56 litres. Ather also offers an accessory called the Organiser which doubles up as a carry bag for your belongings stored in the underseat storage area. The underseat multi-purpose charger can be used to charge your devices and has the same mounting point as for the Halo smart helmet’s charger.

The Rizta is the first electric scooter in India to come with a traction control system. This is a wheel-speed enabled unit, similar to something we’ve seen on the Yamaha Aerox 155. 

The S variant gets the ‘DeepView’ LCD dash we’ve experienced on the 450S while the higher Z variant gets the same TFT dash as the 450X lineup. There are a total of 7 colours on offer on Ather’s newest product. 

The Rizta gets two riding modes – Zip and SmartEco – with the former being the mode that gives you full performance and the latter gives you maximum range. Along with these modes, features like reverse, hill-hold and Magic Twist are also included.

Ather Rizta price, variants, bookings, deliveries

Introductory prices for the Ather Rizta are Rs 1.10 lakh (ex-showroom) for the S, Rs 1.25 lakh for the 2.9kWh Z and Rs 1.45 lakh for the Z 3.7kWh. The Z variants get the backrest as standard fitment and come in 7 colours while its an optional extra on the S which only comes in 3 colours. Bookings are open at all authorised Ather dealerships while deliveries are slated to begin in July.


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