What’s the best all-rounder SUV under Rs 50 lakh

Best SUV under Rs 50 lakh

I am looking for an SUV for about Rs 50 lakh to replace my Audi Q5. The Tiguan fits the budget, but all reviews tell me that the ride is too stiff for our roads. The Tucson petrol is just front wheel drive (only the diesel has AWD), and I don’t fancy a FWD SUV! The Innova is too big for me, while the Camry – at nearly Rs 55 lakh (on-road) – seems overpriced.

The segment that I’m looking at seems to have disappeared – no Honda Accord, no CRV. The Audi Q3 and A4 are small, and the A6, Q5 take me back to the Rs 60 lakh range, which I’m trying to avoid. What is my best option for about Rs 50 lakh in the market?

Ajay Puri, via email

Autocar India says: We can understand your dilemma as there is very little choice in the Rs 40 lakh-50 lakh segment and couldn’t agree more with your reasons for hesitating to go ahead with the cars on your shortlist.

For your budget, we would suggest the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It’s all electric, so charging can be an issue if you go on long trips out of town, but if your running is mainly in town, it’s certainly worth a thought.

If you can manage to install a home charger connection, it’s an outstanding choice and better than the ones you’ve shortlisted. Being an EV, your road tax is also low or zero. So, on the road, it won’t be much more than Rs 52 lakh-54 lakh.

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