Kinetic E Luna design patented with rear luggage carrier

Kinetic Luna electric moped, luggage carrier.

The Kinetic E Luna is currently the most affordable electric two-wheeler from an Indian manufacturer and now it looks like the E Luna lineup will expand with the advent of a new variant with even more luggage-carrying capacity. 

  1. Could get a larger 3kWh battery with more range
  2. Looks very similar to current E Luna

Kinetic E Luna range, load-bearing capacity

The Kinetic E Luna is intended to be used as a durable load hauler and with the standard model having a payload capacity of 150kg, this new one should have comfortably more. The design is very similar to the E Luna on sale currently, except for the rear section. 

Where the existing E Luna has a pillion seat, this new design shows us a large luggage “basket” of sorts. This is something that is sure to help users of the E Luna carry larger loads on a regular basis. This contraption is something that is seen commonly on the popular TVS XL 100 moped, which could be getting a battery-powered makeover soon. 

Our sister publication, Autocar Professional, had earlier reported that the E Luna will be offered with three battery capacities – 1.7kWh, 2kWh and 3kWh. With the 3kWh variant not yet on sale, Kinetic Green could use this model to debut that battery capacity on the E Luna. The 3kWh battery makes more sense on this more utilitarian variant as the payload it will be used to carry will be much higher. There is also the possibility of the rear luggage carrying basket being offered as an optional extra on the existing two variants down the line. 

We expect this variant to be priced around the same ballpark as the E Luna’s current asking price (Rs 69,990 – Rs 74,990), considering that Kinetic wants to make personal mobility accessible to a wider populace.

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