Hyundai Verna Turbo vs Skoda Slavia 1.5 TSI: performance compared

Hyundai Verna Turbo vs Skoda Slavia 1.5 TSI

The Hyundai Verna and Skoda Slavia are two of the hottest midsize sedans on the market currently and both pack some serious performance. Along with entry-level engines, both also come with range-topping 1.5-litre, direct-injection, four-cylinder, turbo-petrol engines but with differing outputs. 

The Verna has the upper hand with 160hp and 253Nm, but the Slavia is not far behind with its 150hp and 250Nm. Both can be had with either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, and it’s the latter that we’ll be comparing here. The Hyundai also trumps the Skoda in the power to weight ratio - 132.2hp per tonne to 119.2hp per tonne. So the Verna has the advantage on paper but let’s see who comes out on top on the tarmac. 

Hyundai Verna vs Skoda Slavia: 0-100kph, quarter-mile

Off the line, both sedans are neck-and-neck, with the Slavia being slightly quicker up to 60kph. The Verna’s conservative gearbox tuning doesn’t allow it to launch as aggressively as the Slavia. However after 60kph, it’s the Verna that starts pulling a gap. The lighter weight and more power come to the fore and it manages to register a 8.82s time for the 100kph sprint, narrowly beating out the Slavia’s 8.96s time. As for the quarter mile time, there’s less than two tenths of a second between them, with the Hyundai coming out on top.

Verna Turbo DCT vs Slavia 1.5 TSI DSG: Acceleration from rest
Acceleration from rest Hyundai Verna DCT Skoda Slavia DSG
20kph 1.74s 1.77s
40kph 3.10s 2.98s
60kph 4.66s 4.56s`
80kph 6.51s 6.64s
100kph 8.82s 8.96s
120kph 11.79s 12.15s
Quarter mile 16.24s 16.42s

Hyundai Verna vs Skoda Slavia: in-gear acceleration

It’s in the in-gear acceleration where the Slavia claws back some lost ground. In the 20-80kph run in kickdown, the Slavia is quicker to respond and as such is the quicker of the two. It’s the same story in the 40-100kph run as well, with the Hyundai trailing the Skoda, albeit by a larger margin than in the 20-80kph run.

Verna Turbo DCT vs Slavia 1.5 TSI DSG: Acceleration from rest
In-gear acceleration Hyundai Verna DCT Skoda Slavia DSG
20-80kph 5.14s 5.09s
40-100kph 6.30s 6.07s

Autocar India’s testing standards

Before we conduct our performance tests, we check and maintain tyre pressures based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and ensure the car has a full tank of fuel. The car is then tested in a controlled environment with two people on board and the data is collected via highly accurate GPS-based timing equipment. 

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