What is a fun to drive upgrade from a Skoda Superb?

Buying used BMW 5 Series

I have been driving a Superb 2.0 TSI for a couple of years now, and want to upgrade to something that’s a bit more fun to drive. After considering pricing and practicality, I have shortlisted a pre-owned BMW 530d that I intend to tune with G-Power’s 330hp and 700Nm remap.

While the BMW is over 200kg heavier, will a RWD with adaptive suspension and a remap provide me a significantly better driving experience than the Superb? Will it make the 530d lean more towards entry-level sportscars?

Ansh Bajaj, Bengaluru

Autocar India says: The 530d is going to be a significant step-up from the Superb 2.0 TSI in terms of driving dynamics and engagement levels, particularly with its rear-wheel-drive setup, and the straight-six diesel mill that offers plentiful tuning potential. We would recommend considering a well-maintained, pre-owned G30 530d as a worthy option to venture into the entry-level sportscar performance territory at a value-for-money price tag.

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