Upgrading base Maruti Brezza with more features: how much to spend?

Maruti Brezza base trim

How much will it cost to install Maruti Suzuki’s infotainment system with navigation and speakers in the LXi variant of my Brezza?

Kapil Singh Chouhan, Indore

Autocar India says: The Maruti Suzuki SmartPlay Studio 7-inch infotainment system, compatible with the Brezza, is priced between Rs 40,000-45,000. However, with several customers swapping their near-brand-new factory-fitted infotainment units with aftermarket Android devices, which are larger in size, you could get a second-hand unit for Rs 8,000-10,000. This Harman-made infotainment system offers wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionalities with navigation support.

Therefore, we would suggest reaching out to a reputable aftermarket accessories installer in your city and exploring this option. One could also find such options online, or connect with aftermarket retailers in other cities to get it shipped to the desired location.

The infotainment system will need to be paired with an OEM microphone that could be ordered from a Maruti Suzuki authorised service centre, as well as a good pair of speakers from companies like JBL or Sony. The speakers, which would cost between Rs 2,500-5,000, could be bought and installed from the aftermarket, or from Maruti Suzuki authorised service centres.

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