Toyota Fortuner manual or automatic: which is the better buy?

Toyota Fortuner Legender front quarter

I am looking to replace my 2017 manual 4x4 Toyota Fortuner with the current generation model, but I wanted to know if the manual is better than the automatic. Also, which is quicker to 100kph from zero and has better in-gear timing. Though I lean heavily towards manual transmissions, the automatic has way more torque. Kindly advise as this is the sole criterion that would decide my purchase.

Chetan Pande, Bazpur

Autocar India says: Though the manual has slightly lower torque (to protect the gearbox) than the auto, it is noticeably quicker. The manual can accelerate to 100kph in a pretty quick 9.6s whilst the auto does it in 11.2s, which is quite a difference. The automatic has a lazy gearshift, which takes the edge off its performance. However, honestly, the automatic is a much better option overall; it is smoother and is easier to drive than the manual with its heavy clutch.

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