Is Hyundai Creta the best petrol-AT SUV under Rs 20 lakh?

Hyundai Creta front quarter

I want a top-of-the-line automatic SUV in the range of Rs 22-25 lakh, to replace my 10-year old Maruti Dzire. My monthly usage is 1,000km and I mainly drive in Mumbai city and we go for highway drives once in a couple of months.

Amit W, Mumbai

Autocar India says: The new Creta 1.5 IVT (petrol-automatic) is well-rounded and should be on top of your list. The petrol-automatic combination is smooth and has more than enough performance on offer for daily duties and feels in its comfort zone while cruising between 80-110kph on the highway. Its fully-loaded SX (O) is extremely well-equipped and it will fall in your budget. The Maruti Grand Vitara or Toyota Hyryder (mild hybrid) can also be considered, simply for their pricing and no-nonsense approach. Alternatives like the Kia Seltos 1.5 IVT (not available in top-spec) and Honda Elevate miss quite a few modern niceties which the others offer.

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