Bounce Infinity E1+ e-scooter now priced at Rs 89,000

Bounce Infinity E1 price, range, battery swap.

Bounce Infinity has announced that its E1+ electric scooter will be available at Rs 89,999 (ex-showroom, India) till March 31. This is a significant price reduction from the earlier Rs 1.13 lakh, and this should help the company boost its sales. Since it began deliveries in April 2022, nearly two years ago, Bounce has only registered 8,570 units to date (VAHAN numbers as of the publishing of this article).

  1. E1 uses swappable battery pack, claimed IDC range of 85km
  2. Can also be purchased without battery pack on subscription basis
  3. 2kWh swappable pack weighs 12kg

The Bounce Infinity E1 is one of the only Indian e-scooters to use a swappable battery pack. It is powered by a 2kWh lithium-ion battery that drives the 2.2kW hub-mounted motor and has a top speed of 65kph.

Even at its new price, the Bounce Infinity E1 is a significant Rs 10,000 more than the Ola S1 X with the same battery capacity, and is priced on par with the S1 X that gets the bigger 3kWh battery. The S1 X+, which is currently being offered at Rs 84,999 (till March 1) also undercuts the E1.

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