Yamaha R3 or Aprilia RS 457: which sub-Rs 5 lakh sportbike to buy?

Yamaha R3 price, Aprilia RS 457 design, features: buying decision.

I am a happy Yamaha R15 owner and have been dreaming of upgrading to the R3 for a long time. However, the very high price is making me think of the Aprilia RS 457 now. What should I do?

Anurag Verma, via email

Autocar India says: Yamaha’s pricing for the R3 is disappointing and it certainly makes the Aprilia RS 457 look more appealing - even though the Aprilia is more expensive than we were expecting. Still, the Aprilia packs 6hp more, as well as more features and tech. However, while the R3 is a much simpler machine, it has proven to be comfortable, practical and usable on Indian roads. More importantly, it comes with a rock solid reputation for reliability.

We haven’t yet ridden the Aprilia yet although our first review from the racetrack will probably be out by the middle of January 2024. The RS 457 will quite likely prove to be an entertaining and capable motorcycle on track, but how usable it will be on our roads remains to be seen. Moreover, this is a brand new bike from a company that has only manufactured scooters in India so far. It will have a lot to prove in terms of long term reliability, durability and cost of ownership and those answers will only come in time.

If you are interested in a hassle free, no-nonsense, yet enjoyable ownership experience, the R3 will be worth considering despite its unfortunate price. However, if you are comfortable with being an early adopter and are keen to have a more sporty, high tech machine, the RS 457 appears to have the upper hand. Either way, we recommend waiting till the reviews come out and until you have had a chance to test ride both bikes. 

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