Which Royal Enfield 650 is for you?

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 price, Super Meteor comfort.

With the launch of the Shotgun 650, Royal Enfield now has four distinct models in its 650cc lineup. So which one is the right one for you? Keep reading to find out.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

The Interceptor is a handsome machine that is reminiscent of the old British ‘standard’ bikes and along with the Continental GT 650, it was one of the first bikes to debut the much-loved 648cc parallel-twin mill. With its mildly sporty but relatively relaxed rider triangle and that refined motor, the Interceptor 650 can handle both commuting as well as touring with equal ease. The recent introduction of alloy wheels and thus, tubeless tyres has helped the Interceptor become even more practical. Priced between Rs 3.03 lakh-3.31 lakh, the Interceptor is the most affordable way to get your hands on a Royal Enfield 650 today. 

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Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

While it's based upon the same platform as the Interceptor, the Continental GT offers a significantly different riding experience and is catered to a different audience. If you’ve always wanted to own a twin-cylinder cafe racer and don’t mind the committed ergonomics, the prettier Continental GT makes a very strong case for itself. While it's relatively comfortable compared to a focused supersport, do bear in mind that it is definitely not an ideal companion for the daily commute. Priced between Rs 3.19 lakh-3.45 lakh, the Continental GT commands a premium over its roadster sibling, but if you must have a twin-cylinder cafe racer, this is the most affordable way to go about it. 

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

The Shotgun is the only model in the current 650cc lineup that doesn’t fit into a specific genre of motorcycling. Seeing how popular Royal Enfields are in the Indian custom bike scene has been the genesis for this model, as per the company itself. While it does bring in some added practicality over its cruiser sibling, it still has some shortcomings, and to know what it's like to ride the Shotgun 650, tap here. If you’re looking for a blank canvas for your next build or just a stylish bobber to romp around on, the Shotgun could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

‘Archetypical cruiser’ is how Mark Wells, RE’s chief of design, describes the Super Meteor, and it’s hard to disagree with him. With its long, low-slung silhouette, its design alone is reason enough to get the Super Meteor. It also makes for a good companion out on a tour as we found out. However, those good looks do come at a cost – ride comfort. If you’re the sort of person who has been daydreaming about owning a true-blue cruiser, the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 is one of the best ways to do it without breaking the bank. It is priced between Rs 3.64 lakh-3.94 lakh.

All prices ex-showroom, India.

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