Upgrading to a Verna, or Slavia, Virtus from an i20: which sedan to buy?


I own a Hyundai Elite i20 and I was really keen on buying the Creta as I felt this SUV would be better suited to my 6ft height. However, a friend asked me to drive the Verna, and I was surprised that I was more inclined towards it, due to its aesthetics, cabin and drive comfort. I drove the 1.5 petrol-automatic versions of both, and I am planning to go in for the Verna's SX variant. Should I also consider the Kia Seltos, the Skoda Slavia/Kushaq or their Volkswagen counterparts?

Anand Bissa, via email

Autocar India says: If you like the Verna, then we suggest you go for it. Sedans have a certain appeal, usually have better ride comfort, and are typically lighter and more aerodynamic. This means they have better performance and fuel efficiency than their SUV counterparts. However, the Creta has recently got a major facelift and we suggest you take a look at it as well. Though cars like the Slavia and Virtus are sportier, they won’t give the sense of luxury the Verna does. Hence, it’s best you go in for the Verna.

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