Triumph Daytona 660 or Honda CBR650R: which sub-Rs 10 lakh sportbike to buy?

Triumph Daytona 660 price, engine, Honda CBR650R design, India launch.

I have been waiting for Honda to launch the 2024 CBR650R in India, but now the Triumph Daytona 660 has confused me. Will that bike be launched here and should I stick with my plan to buy the Honda?

Amit Sharma, via email

Autocar India says: While neither bike is currently available in India we expect that to change over the coming months. Your doubt is a valid one and this is a comparison review we look forward to conducting in 2024. On paper, the Daytona makes the same 95hp as the CBR and weighs 7kg less at 201kg. Its engine also revs higher than the Trident 660’s with a redline set at 12,650rpm, which should hopefully make it a more exciting bike to ride.

While both bikes are priced on par in the UK, the Triumph might end up being more affordable in India as it will come in from Thailand. On the other hand, the Honda has a great reputation for reliability and low running costs which has also helped keep resale values high. 

It’ll also be interesting to see if Honda brings down the E-clutch system for the CBR which allows the bike to be ridden without the clutch, even when coming to a standstill. Riders will still have to change gears as normal which will retain the fun aspect. If the system proves to work well in India it could make the CBR quite an appealing bike.  

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