Kriega Shape-Shift Reservoir 3.75L hydration bladder review

Kriega Shape Shift Reservoir price, 3.75L hydration bladder durability, ease of use.

Hydration on a motorcycle, as I’ve learnt the hard way, is something that should not be taken lightly. The ability to have water on demand and not have to stop to drink out of a bottle makes a huge difference to your fluid intake. And this is why I have always had a hydration bladder in my backpack for the last decade.

My previous hydration bladder has been in use for over six years and when it was finally time to replace it, there was no doubt that it had to be another Kriega. The last one had a capacity of 3 litres, but this time I went for the larger 3.75-litre version. That much water will add a significant amount of weight to your backpack and I never fill it beyond half, but it’s nice to have the capacity should the need ever arise.

The Shape-Shift reservoir is made by hydration specialists HydraPak, but with a few Kriega-specific touches. These include a shape designed to work with multiple Kriega backpacks and a velcro tab that interfaces the tube with the backpack straps. Another nice thing is that this bladder is built to HydraPak’s ‘military-spec’, which means its material is twice as thick as the company’s conventional bladders.

Other appealing features include the fact that the tube is easily detachable from the base of the pack and an auto shut-off valve prevents leakage when you do so. The tube is insulated, which keeps the water cooler and also prevents the possibility of algae growth. The bite valve also comes with a cover, which is a must in our dusty, polluted riding environment.

Sliding lock is easy to use, provides a secure closure.

A sliding seal at the top that leads to an opening is good for both filling and cleaning the bladder (dishwasher safe). However, even after a few months of use, I struggle to find its opening because it’s hidden away under a small fold in the plastic.

At Rs 5,299, this is an expensive product, just as everything from Kriega tends to be. But it also feels superbly built and worth the investment in the long term, just as my previous bladder proved to be. As is always the case with Kriega products, there are plenty of more affordable options around, but they generally aren’t as impressive and don’t last as well.

Price: Rs 5,299

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