Harley X440 vs Hero Mavrick 440: which one to buy?

Harley X440 price, Hero Mavrick 440 India launch, design.

I’m quite tempted by the Harley-Davidson X440, having read largely positive reviews of the motorcycle so far. However, with Hero’s own 440cc bike built on the same platform coming soon, I’m unsure whether to take the plunge and get the Harley, or wait for the upcoming Hero. What do you suggest?

Shubham, via email

Autocar India says: We were one of the many people impressed by the Harley-Davidson X440 when we first rode it. And comparing it against its direct rivals showed it to be a great middle ground between the more easygoing retros from Royal Enfield, and sprightlier bikes like the Triumph Speed 400. However, word on the grapevine suggests that Hero’s own new 440cc bike built on this same platform will likely be targeted at younger buyers and offer a slightly sportier, more engaging riding experience.

This also seems to be backed up by the teaser of the exhaust note, which seems to have a faster beat, with less thump and more rasp. The X440 offers loads of character and a great deal of capability and comfort, and if that appeals to you, you won’t regret buying the baby Harley. However, if the idea of a more involving and sportier bike built on the same platform sounds like something you would like, then you’d be well off waiting to see what the new Hero machine brings to the table.

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