Enhance Your Auto Dealership in 2024: Transforming Culture for Mutual Success



Transforming Culture for Mutual Success

In the dynamic world of auto dealerships, evolving your management approach is paramount for sustained growth and prosperity. Shifting the culture within the organization requires not only courage and conviction but also effective communication and an open management style.

Restructuring Performance Measurement

Traditionally, departmental managers are evaluated based on individual departmental outcomes. However, the key to a thriving company lies in the owner's ability to manage change personally. To instill a culture of change in working practices, managers need to lead by example.

Fostering Inter-Departmental Collaboration

One effective step is to encourage mutual understanding among team leaders by sharing inter-firm comparisons. Monthly performance reviews should transcend individual departments, promoting a holistic view of the dealership's overall well-being. The Finance/Accounts Manager can play a pivotal role by briefing non-financial managers, fostering a comprehensive understanding of financial implications on individual performance.

Embracing a Company-wide Sales Approach

Elevating the entire workforce to act as salespeople is the next transformative move. By providing comprehensive product knowledge and aligning everyone with the dealership's sales strategy, each employee becomes an ambassador for the brand.

Implementing Transparent Daily Controls

Enhance visibility by displaying daily operating control data on department notice boards. This ensures that salespeople are aware of workshop performance against budget, and technicians can track vehicle and parts sales regularly. This transparency fosters accountability and a shared commitment to reaching organizational goals.

Stimulating Innovation Across Departments

Establishing an innovation team, comprising members from various departments, is pivotal. This team should identify and address performance gaps collaboratively. Beyond internal challenges, they can explore benchmarking against local competition and engaging customer focus groups.

Aligning Incentives with Company Goals

Encourage employees to think beyond their specific roles by considering innovative incentive structures. Shifting from department-centric rewards to team-based incentives helps align individual efforts with broader company objectives.

Overcoming Departmental Mindsets

Acknowledging and overcoming long-standing inter-departmental rivalries is essential. By consolidating departmental budgets and setting a unified profit target, the focus shifts from individual success to collective prosperity.

Back to Basics: Unifying Departmental Budgets

Start by creating departmental budgets, and then amalgamate them to derive a comprehensive team profit target. This ensures a synchronized approach to expenses, salaries, sales, and gross profits.

Actionable Steps for Transformation

1. Review Job Descriptions:

Ensure they are results-driven and aligned with the company's overarching goals.

2. Customer Retention Analysis:

Evaluate customer retention strategies for service over a four-year period.

3. Optimize New Vehicle Sales:

Assess retained profits in new vehicle sales and explore strategies for improvement.

4. Profit-based Incentives:

Consider transitioning towards compensating managers based on profits, reinforcing a focus on overall financial success.

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In conclusion, the evolution of an auto dealership's culture requires a multifaceted approach. By instigating collaboration, embracing transparency, and aligning incentives, the path to mutual gain becomes clearer. As we step into 2024, let this be the year of transformative change for your auto dealership.

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