Bajaj Chetak Urbane or Ather 450S: which electric scooter to buy?

Bajaj Chetak Urbane price, charging time, Ather 450S range, features.

I’m looking for an electric scooter to use for daily commuting in the city. I was keen on the Bajaj Chetak Urbane, but Ather recently reduced the price of its 450S to Rs 1.09 lakh, which has prompted me to reconsider. Which of these two would be a better option?
Abhimanyu Zaveri, Pune

Autocar India says: It’s hard to go wrong with either of the two options mentioned by you. Both the Chetak and the 450S are competent and well engineered scooters that are quite similar in many ways. However, there are some key differences, which will likely be the deciding factor for you, depending on what you’re seeking from your e-scooter. The Ather will offer a sportier, more exciting riding experience, with zippier acceleration and a more taut chassis package. However, it continues to be a rather compact scooter, like the rest of the 450 series, and it can feel cramped if you’re a larger rider. The stiff suspension setup also won’t be quite as comfortable over bad roads as the Chetak.

The Bajaj Chetak makes for a great family e-scooter, with timeless looks, excellent quality levels, and sufficient performance. It won’t excite you as much or be as quick as the 450S, but it will seat you in more comfort, and the ride quality will be more agreeable too. However, do bear in mind that its boot space is more limited, and it doesn’t offer quite as many features as the Ather. Considering the different experience offered by each scooter, we would encourage you to take a test ride and learn for yourself which e-scooter is more appealing to you and better meets your needs.

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