Bajaj Chetak Premium review: Worth the premium?

2024 Bajaj Chetak price, features, range: first ride review.

We always liked the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter for its stylish, retro modern design, its impressive fit and finish levels and of course, the nostalgia that the name induces. But we found, when we tested it a few years back, that it was lacking in some crucial areas like features but more importantly, performance and range. Now, Bajaj has launched the updated Chetak Premium and it addresses some of those issues. Let's take a closer look.

Bajaj Chetak Premium design and ergonomics

In terms of aesthetics, not much has changed but then again, it really didn’t have to. Because the Chetak remains one of the best looking electric scooters out in the market. It still gets metal body panels, a lovely brown-and-black dual-tone seat, the same alloy wheels and metallic paint options on this premium version. 

However, Bajaj has changed the colour of the accent trims around the headlight, indicators, tailight etc. Where they were a brushed aluminium, almost chrome-like finish on the earlier scooter, you now get a dark grey finish. Overall, the Chetak continues to exude a classy vibe with its timeless design. However, we did find some minor panel gaps on our test scooter. Since this was one of the first batches to roll out, it may be ironed out in later models.

The ergonomics of the Bajaj Chetak are also just spot on. There’s plenty of room on the footboard for me to move around my feet (US 10 footwear) and the seat is nice and contoured and well-padded as well. The handlebar is also set at an appropriate height and as such the rider’s triangle is on point.

Bajaj Chetak Premium features

Perhaps what is the biggest change on the Chetak Premium is the addition of a new 5-inch colour TFT screen. It replaces the circular, monochrome LCD unit of the outgoing scooter and it looks really nice and it presents you with a lot of information. However, unlike its rivals, the Ather 450X and the Ola S1 Pro, this is not a touchscreen unit. Bajaj says they have done this intentionally to keep costs in check and ensure the longevity of this unit. This new screen is bright and colourful and it helps in upping the Chetak’s premium quotient. 

Standard features on the Chetak Premium include the new screen, an Eco riding mode, a reverse mode and an onboard 800W charger. But, Bajaj has also introduced a Tecpac on the Chetak Premium and this unlocks a whole host of additional features. It costs Rs 9,000 on top of the Chetak’s asking price and it brings in a Sport mode which provides stronger acceleration, sequential turn indicators, hill-hold assist, turn-by-turn navigation, music playback, notification alerts, call management and display themes. 

The Tecpac is valid for a period of 5 years and it can even be retrofitted by customers within 1 year of their purchase. And like before, it continues to feature connected tech via the Chetak app, so owners can monitor the location of their scooter, the charge status and more. 

Bajaj Chetak Premium battery, range and charging

Speaking on changes under the skin, there have been some crucial ones in this regard. The biggest of which is the battery pack. The battery capacity has been increased to 3.2kWh, up from 2.9 kWh on the older model. This is thanks to more energy dense cells in the pack. 

And as a result, the claimed range has gone up as well. According to the IDC cycle, the Chetak Premium will now do 126km on a charge, in comparison to the 108km that it did previously. That should translate to a real-world range of about 115km. For reference, we managed to do 104km in Eco mode on the outgoing Chetak.

Thanks to the increased battery capacity, the charging times have gone up as well. So the Chetak Premium will now go from 0-100 percent charge in 4 hours 30 mins from its 800W onboard charger, which is 30 mins more than earlier.

Bajaj Chetak Premium top speed and ride experience

Bajaj has also addressed the issue of the top speed, or the lack thereof rather. When we tested it a few years ago, one of the complaints we had was that the top speed was just too low at 63kph. With the updated Chetak Premium, Bajaj has revised the gearing and this one now does 73kph. While it may not seem like a significant improvement, the higher top speed does help to keep up with fast-moving traffic on open roads in the city and out on the highway. What’s also nice is that the top speed isn’t capped in Eco mode, so you can reach the full 73kph just at a slower rate than you would in Sport mode.

The Chetak is continued to be powered by the same permanent magnet motor that has a peak output of 4.2kW and 20Nm, while the continuous output is set at 4kW and 10Nm. In our short time with the scooter, it didn’t feel too dissimilar to the older model in terms of performance but we’ll need to do a complete road test to confirm that. The Chetak accelerates in a linear manner and the throttle feels natural as well, if not a bit too sharp. The regen also works well but it isn't too strong. The ride is firm yet absorbent and it feels quite composed going over bumps and similarly, it feels planted around bends too.

Bajaj Chetak Premium practicality

There have been improvements on the practicality front as well. You continue to get a 5.5-litre front glove box which houses the charging cable but Bajaj has reprofiled the underseat boot and it now has a flatter floor, which means capacity for the boot is up from 17 litres to 21 litres.


However, it still won’t fit a full-face helmet. Fitting a half face helmet won’t be an issue however and the Chetak continues to get a handy luggage hook too.

Bajaj Chetak Premium price and verdict

The 2024 Bajaj Chetak Premium is priced at Rs 1.35 lakh (ex-showroom). Now that represents a Rs 15,000 hike over the outgoing model. But given the substantial updates it has undergone, in terms of features, battery, range, top speed and practicality, it feels well worth that premium.

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